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Hello there! It’s been a bit over two months since I posted anything here and I just can’t believe it. I’ve never gone that long without posting and I’m not sure how the time slipped away so quickly. But it did and I’ll tell you part of the reason why I haven’t been around. On June 4 I’m giving a presentation at my library called “Sizzlin’ Summer Reads”. One of my colleagues and I have been reading galleys like mad – all books that will be published in June, July and August – so that we can do short booktalks for the patrons who attend to help them find fantastic books to read this summer. I’ve read some things that I normally wouldn’t have ( Dark Matter, All the Missing Girls) and some books that were right up my alley (The Muse, The Wicked Boy) and some things that were disappointing (I won’t mention names). But since all of the books are not currently available I’ve felt conflicted about blogging about them – so I’ve just let the blog slowly slide from my mind until today when I realized that I really miss this space and all of my blogging friends. And since I’ve now done all the reading I’m going to do for the presentation and have moved on to the process of putting my notes together I’m looking forward to returning to the blog and to reading some Persephones I’ve had waiting in line for months now. I’m also eager to visit all of your blogs to see what you’ve been up to! It’s good to be back.



  1. How lovely to see your post pop up! Your presentation sounds really interesting – but I don’t think I could have read as much as you did, to get ready for it! Will you be sharing some of the “disappointments” at your talk?

    I see Dorothy Whipple’s High Wages on your “Currently Reading” sidebar. I did love that book!

    • It was so hard to read that much – at one point I finished 9 books in 10 days! I hope it’s worth it. I don’t think I’ll share the disappointments because I’ve read that you’re only supposed to talk about books you actually liked so that’s what I’ll stick to.
      I started reading High Wages a few months ago and then it got lost in all my galley reading. I can’t wait to get back to it!

  2. It’s lovely to see you back again. We all (me especially) get times when, for one reason or another we don’t blog, and it can be very difficult to start again. Hope you library presentation is well attended – it sounds as if it will make an interesting session,

    • Thanks! I hope we get a few people. I’ve talked it up to our book clubs so I’m counting on some of them coming. Cross fingers!

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve been doing some intense reading – but it’s always nice to get back to the books you like!

    • It has been so intense that I really haven’t had time for anything else! And, yes, I’m looking forward to reading some classics this summer when the presentation is over.

  4. Well, hello! So nice to see you again. Your book talks sound like a great project… can’t wait to hear all about it.

  5. Hello, its wonderful to hear from you 🙂 I can sympathise as I think the past two months have flown by too, and I’ve not been working my way through mountains of galleys; so well done you. I look forward to hearing more about what you’ve been reading and I hope you have time for more personal reading.

    • Thanks, Jessica! I still feel like I should be reading, reading, reading for the presentation, but I just need to get out of that mindset and then I can relax with a classic or two.

  6. It’s good to hear from you again! Good luck with the presentation. 🙂

  7. piningforthewest

    I’m so glad that you’re back., I’ve missed you. I’m looking forward to finding out what you thought of The Ballroom. As you know I read it recently and was surprised that I enjoyed it – given its grim subject matter.

  8. Welcome back, you have been missed. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

  9. Good luck with your presentation! I’d love to know your favorites from the upcoming summer books once it’s over. Is that the new Anna Hope novel peeking from the back? I loved her first novel so I’m very interested in reading the new one.

    • Thanks! I’m a bit nervous, but it’s all informal and should be fun. I mean, it’s talking about books – how scary can that be? I’ll post the whole list of our selections sometime in the next couple of weeks. Yes, that is the new Anna Hope! I didn’t read her first, but this one is so intriguing. I just started it and it’s already quite good.

  10. Hiiiiiii! Missed you! And here you are back again! It sounds like a hectic few months, but I am very much looking forward to your reports on what you’ve been reading (as those galleys come out, I guess?) and what you’re going to be reading this summer. 🙂

    • Hi Jenny! I’ll probably post a massive list of all the books I’ve read lately sometime next week – kind of “my summer 2016 picks” post. And now I’m going to slow down a bit and read some older books and classics. 🙂

  11. I know the feeling, Anbolyn…but you’re only one woman! It’s a saying that gets me through times when there simply isn’t enough hours in the day for everything that needs to be done. Have you seen the photo of a new puppy we’re waiting on? Stop by for a peek…enjoy your weekend!

  12. Time does go so quickly. I know what you mean about blogging. I have been happily reading and then remembering I have this blog! Whoops? I highly recommend Anna Hope’s first novel, it’s reviewed on my blog.

    • I know it is easy to forget about blogging when you’re lost in reading! About I don’t want to forget it about if forever. I will definitely read Anna Hope’s first novel sometime this summer. It sounds wonderful!

  13. It’s lovely to see you again. I can see that you’ve read some interesting books, but having to read is never as nice as choosing to read however good the book. I hope that your presentation goes well and that you have a lovely time with your Persephones.

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