crooked heart

In Crooked Heart we’re placed right in the middle of WWII-era London during the Blitz. Ten-year-old Noel is an orphan who’s been evacuated to the home of Vee Sedgwick, a woman who just can’t seem to get it together. She can’t hold down a job, makes enemies of her neighbors, and none of her money-making schemes yield results. When Noel enters her life she at first doesn’t see him as anything but a way to make ends meet (by using his ration card) and Noel sees her as something to be endured. Yet as the chaos of war upsets everything around them, even family ties and familiar surroundings, Vee and Noel create a bond that withstands the turmoil. This funny novel explores the dark side of the home front yet is ultimately heartfelt and endearing.

I loved this one! Thanks to Darlene for encouraging me to read it.


  1. Crooked Heart sounds wonderful.Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I am anxious to read it!

  2. Oo, I like your header! Is that new or am I just misremembering what it looked like before?

    This sounds wonderful, also! It is on my list and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    • The header is fairly new – just a shot of one of my bookcases. I’m glad you like it! This is really something to look forward to, such a treat.

  3. This does sound lovely! Hopefully my library has it!

  4. SO glad you enjoyed this story as much as I did! My order came in just yesterday so now there’s a lovely copy of my very own on the shelf.
    I’m presenting a couple of reviews at our next staff meeting. We’re not supposed to review adult fiction but I’m going to be a rebel and throw this one in.

  5. I loved this book, and I’m so pleased that you found it and loved it too. Well done Darlene!

  6. Darn I picked this one up and put it down again last month. If you recommend it I’ll try to get a copy. I remember it had excellent reviews.

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