I haven’t bought many books lately because I was saving all my pennies for Italy, but since I’m now not going until October I decided to buy the recent Angela Thirkell reprints. I blame Claire for this splurge as she recently featured these lovely books on her blog and I decided I had to have them.



Aren’t they pretty? I absolutely loved High Rising and also own Wild Strawberries which I hope to read soon.

What have you bought lately?

Also, I’ve decided to host a second annual Mary Stewart Reading Week in September! I think it will be wonderful to celebrate her legacy during the month of her birth.  Mark your calendars for September 14-21.


  1. Such beautiful editions!! I don’t see them on amazon, did you order from The Book Depository?

  2. Those covers are so beautiful! I must read something by Angela Thirkell soon. I’m looking forward to the Mary Stewart week – my calendar has been marked!

    • Angela Thirkell is such fun. High Rising will completely endear you to her! I’m glad you’ve marked your calendar. 🙂

  3. Oh LOOK at those books and how beautifully they match. I’ve never read a thing by Angela Thirkell and you’re making me want to buy them all, just for how attractive they’ll look on my shelves.

    • They are some of the most enticing looking books out there right now – hard to resist. Now I just need to read them!

  4. Oh I *want* these books. I am lucky enough to have copies already, but they aren’t these beautiful new editions, and I *want* them. The Brandons & Summer Half are so marvelous – perfect summer reading.

    • I understand about wanting them – I felt the same way! Luckily, they are really reasonably priced at the Book Depository site, you know, if you wanted to buy them (which I totally think you should!) 🙂

  5. I am happy to take all the blame for these. I hope you adore them!!!

  6. Straight into my calendar. (Also have huge new book lust now…)

  7. My calendar is marked. I’m reading ‘Nine Coaches Waiting’ at the moment, I love it, and I understand why its a favourite for many. But I still have one or two possibilities for September. And I have those lovely Angela Thirkee VMC editions lined up too.

    • I have some Mary Stewart possibilities for September, too. I just bought a copy of Rose Cottage and I am also saving The Ivy Tree – can’t wait!

  8. Love those covers – thanks for adding to my TBR wishlist!!

  9. Thank you Anbolyn. Now I know where to get them. I also read about them on Claire’s blog and have been trying to find them ever since. They are so lovely! I read both High Rising and Wild Strawberries. Can’t wait to read these!

    • The Book Depository is always a good source for British authors – I love them! I hope to read Wild Strawberries sometime soon and then get to my new ones. They all sound so good.

  10. I am pleased to hear Mary Stewart Reading Week will return in September. I still have two of her novels on my tbr pile 🙂

  11. I have never read any Angela Thirkell, but I will endeavour to read one by the end of the year. Off to find another Mary Stewart to read for this year.

  12. Lovely covers! I should have read another Stewart already so hopefully I’ll join in again this year 🙂

  13. piningforthewest

    I don’t know how I missed this post! Your copies are lovely and very tempting. All of mine are really old, and yes a bit smelly and grubby but at the time I pounced on them in random bookshops/stalls as if they were treasure, which they are really!

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