Northanger Abbey

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Sunday’s and Nicola’s recentish posts on Northanger Abbey triggered memories of the only time I have read this lovely novel. I was just out of graduate school, living with my parents and unable to find a librarian job. I was pretty discouraged and used books (as always) to cheer me up. Northanger Abbey was one of the bright spots in my life at that time so I’ll always have fond feelings for it.

As for the covers, I like no. 3 best. Which one do you like?


  1. piningforthewest

    I like the elegance of number 4 best.

  2. I do love Northanger Abbey. Henry Tilney is the antic hero before Jane Austen decided she disapproved of antic men.

    Of those covers, I think I like the second one the best? But I’m not wildly keen on any of them.

  3. This is my least favorite of all the books – because there’s such an abrupt shift in tone – but it’s still Austen! I’m not wild about any of the covers either, but I like #4 the best. It says “Jane Austen” if not specifically “Northanger Abbey”.

  4. I own number 6 so I am going to be rather biased towards that one. I also have Emma and Persuasion in this style.

  5. I have #2 and #6 and I’d say #6 is my favourite overall. But I like #3 a lot and it must look really lovely on the shelf.

  6. I own 1 and 3 but I rather like 4!

  7. Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    I love the cover the Balbussos did for Black Cat Publishing — so witty.

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