Hello there – I hope your weekend has been lovely. This last week of January was an off one for me. I think allergies, lack of sleep and a general malaise made me a bit loopy and daffy and add to that an aching hip and tail bone and I was a hobbling space cadet. Old age, I tell ya.

In reading news, I’m desperately trying to finish Mrs. Tim Carries On because it is due on Friday and there are no renewals on ILLs. I also have to finish Guard Your Daughters as it is due shortly after. But I haven’t felt in the reading zone for a couple of weeks now and I miss that total absorption in a book that takes me away from all of my cares. I started reading The Luminaries yesterday on the recommendation of a friend and I know it is the kind of book that I can get carried away by – if only I wasn’t feeling so out of sorts.

I’m feeling a bit out of sorts about this blog, too, these days. I’m thinking of not writing about books in the way I have in the past, but in more of a thematic way or in the context of how they fit into what is happening in my life. Would you keep reading if I didn’t share book thoughts in quite the same way I have in the past?

Despite my advanced age I have never been to Europe before, but that is about to change. I’ll be meeting up with a friend who is spending the summer in Europe, sometime in July probably, for adventures and rambles. She told me to pick where I want to go and what I want to do and I am having a hard time deciding. England is out of the running as she’ll be spending time there with her children earlier in the summer, but anything else is open. At first I thought France and Switzerland sounded perfect, but now I am stuck on Italy, yet Spain would be wonderful, too…Any advice for me? Where would you go?

As for the Super Bowl today, well I will miss half of it. I am working and won’t get home until around half-time, but that’s okay as it isn’t really one of my favorite sporting events. I don’t like the spectacle. For the record, though, I would like the Denver Broncos to win as I do like Peyton Manning, the Broncos quarterback.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Any approach you choose to talk about books is fine with me. I’ve been on the fence with The Luminaries, but if I can’t decide whether I want to read it, I suppose that should tell me something…

    I’ll watch the Super Bowl (at least until Downton Abbey starts), but the outcome isn’t a big deal. I do like Peyton Manning though 🙂

    • Oh, thanks for the feedback JoAnn. I’m still trying to decide how I will adjust things, but I’m not very good at writing reviews and want to change my method.
      Too bad the Broncos lost and it was such a terrible game!

  2. I’ll be happy to read whatever you want to write, in whatever format!

    As for continental Europe, I’ve never visited Spain or Italy (they’re still on the list) but France is lovely. My favourite places to visit are Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic (of course), and marvellous, marvellous Switzerland. Wherever you go, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!

    • Thanks, Claire! I think Switzerland is a must – I just have this fascination with the country and am longing to see it. I do think that Paris is on the agenda also and perhaps one more place. It all depends on how much time my friend can spend with me.

  3. I will certainly keep reading no matter how you decide to write! I’ve come to realize that it’s important to allow a blog to evolve into what feels most inspiring to you.

    I’ll be watching Downton Abbey instead of the Superbowl tonight, but I’ll still be making some game day snacks to go along with it!

    • You are so right, Lauren. I think the bloggers who write about their passions and inspirations are the ones I continue to follow and I’m just not feeling the book review thing anymore, at least not the way I’ve been doing it.
      I hope you enjoyed your snacks!

  4. I hope you can find an approach to blogging that you’re happy with. I will still be reading!

    I’ll look forward to hearing where you decide to go in the summer. My personal choice would be Italy (I loved both Rome and Venice) though it does get very hot there in July. I’ve never been to Switzerland but I’ve always thought it sounds lovely!

    • I would really love to go to Italy, but I want to see Paris as well. And Switzerland is a must for me – I’ve been obsessed with the country for about a decade now. The heat wouldn’t bother me as I’ll be coming from 115 F temps in Arizona in July. I am looking forward to leaving the wretched heat for a while when I go on the trip!

  5. I’m interested in what you’re reading & hope to hear about that – in whatever format or style works best for you (along with cat, work, TV or film-related posts – or anything really).

    I have never been to Spain, so that would be high on my list, but it’s likely to be hot (which you’re probably used to). You could do a Mary Stewart tour 🙂 If so, I’d do either Nine Coaches Waiting or Madam, Will You Talk.

    • Oh my gosh Lisa you read my mind! I was thinking how fantastic it would be to visit the setting for every Mary Stewart novel. We should start a Mary Stewart Book Tour 🙂 Nine Coaches Waiting made me long to see Switzerland even more and the South of France would be perfection. I wish I could stay all summer and go everywhere. If only time and money weren’t an issue…

  6. I love Lisa’s idea of a Mary Stewart tour! Madam Will You Talk country is gorgeous. I’ve done a Rome to Paris trip on my own in trains via the French Riviera and around Avignon, up to Lyon, then Paris. Good fun. I’m heavily biased but I’d say anywhere and Paris.

    Your blog is your blog: it should be something you do because you like it and it’s fun — we’ll still be here, regardless!

    • Isn’t the Mary Stewart tour a marvelous idea?? I do think Paris is definitely on the list and I really am leaning toward Switzerland also. I think Italy would be a wonderful trip all on its own. It is very hard to decide!

  7. Hope you feel better soon. Reading wise just go with the flow’; website wise however you want to write about books I’m sure it’ll be interesting 🙂 I went to Menorca years ago and even though I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it (I would’ve preferred Majorca back then!) I’d recommend it in hindsight from my more mature perspective. Very pretty and a fair few places to visit. Also Italy for Rome and Florence, Tuscany too.

    • There is so much to choose from! I didn’t even take some place like Menorca into account, but it would be lovely. I really do want to see it all, but I know I have to be selective. I suppose I have to think of it as perhaps the only time I’ll ever go to Europe, as it very well could be, so I really think Paris is on the list for me. Rome and Florence are high up there, though, so we’ll see what happens.

  8. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now 🙂
    And a trip to Europe, how exciting! I’ve been to quite a few places as I’m in the UK and my absolute favourite so far has been Vienna. The Black Forest in Germany is beautiful too, very fairy-tale/Brothers Grimm like.

    • Thanks, Sam, I do feel much better today.
      Vienna and Germany are favorites of many people it seems, but I believe my friend will already be spending time there with her children and husband so I will choose other places. I would love to visit Germany. I work with someone who raves about her trips there and goes quite frequently.

  9. Absolutely, I would keep reading. If you are inspired to write about books in a new way, thematic or how they fit into the context of your life, you should do it. It sounds wonderful. After all, isn’t that the value of books, they way they fit into our lives, what they teach us and the way we can apply what we learn to living? I would be so excited to see your new ideas. Wishing you all the best!

  10. piningforthewest

    I would keep reading whatever you write about, when I’m not house-hunting that is.
    Is Scotland too close to England? it’s completely different you know! France is nice too but not as good as Scotland of course, you could visit La Petit Suisse in France – a mini Switzerland.

    • How is the house hunting going, Katrina? Any luck?
      Scotland would be a dream, but I’m not sure my friend wants to cross again after her visit to London (her home base will be in Slovenia). I really wish that I could just take two months off of work and use up all my savings for a grand tour, but, sadly, I don’t think my boss would be keen on that.
      A mini Switzerland – I will have to look that up!

  11. As life moves on how we approach things changes as well, so if you want to move the blog in a different direction then why not. Most will keep reading, as they understand the peaks and troughs of life and to fight against it would be futile. That sounds all very wishy washy, I apologise, but I know how you feel especially about writing reviews, some of mine are spot on, others are way off.

    I hope you get to Europe and I look forward to reading all about it and looking at the pictures.

    • Thank you, Jo – not wishy washy at all! I think blogging does have to change as you change and that is not such a bad thing.
      I am still contemplating where I’d really like to go on my travels this summer, but Paris is winning right now.

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