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When or if I will be returning to Gudrun’s Tights. I post a lot about books on Twitter, though, so if you’re interested in what I’m reading you can follow me @anbolynp. The 140 character limit seems to suit my book thoughts better than the blog format right now.
I hope you’re having a gorgeous fall!


  1. *sad face*, however I do find twitter very good practice for taut writing — I have to drop all my very, really, pretty, totally, exceedingly, mostly, quite extraneous words. See you there! *happier face*

    • Haha! I think that’s so true and maybe why it is my preferred method of book chat right now. I just don’t have time to be anything but succinct.

  2. Sadly I don’t use Twitter or any other social network so I will just have to hope you come back to your blog when your ready 🙂

    • I hope to be back soon, Jessica, I just don’t know when that will be. I am doing two jobs at the moment and feel drained when I get home from work. My brain just doesn’t want to blog right now.

      • Didn’t I see that you’re transferring from the youth side to the adult (that doesn’t sound right but I hope you know what I mean!) Are you working both in the meantime? If so, hopefully not for too long.

  3. Similarly to Vicki and Jessica, you’ll be missed here (I don’t know if that’s the right word when it’s your own blog) but it’s nice to know that even if you don’t write you’re not leaving for good 🙂

  4. Glad you’ll still be around on twitter… see you there 🙂

  5. Sadly I don’t do Twitter, so selfishly I hope you do keep up with Gudrun’s Tights, even just now and again. Otherwise ‘see’ you on Facebook, which I’ve not got into the habit of updating. I must do better!

  6. I’ll miss Gudrun’s Tights but I’m glad you’ll still be on Twitter. I’ll have to start using it more often!

  7. I couldn’t manage book chat in only 140 characters 🙂 I hope you do find your way back here, but in the meantime I’m glad there’s Twitter.

  8. I just discovered your blog and now you might not blog anymore? Not happy as I don’t Twitter, but I sort of understand.

  9. Take a break, but PLEASE come back!

    I don’t do Twitter either, but I can certainly understand the desire for forced condensation of the book thoughts. 🙂

    I totally understand your needing a break; life has a way of becoming too full for everything at times, and it’s best to back away from trying to squeeze everything in. This (book blogging) should be ultimately be a fun thing, a relaxation from the other stuff in our lives. Or so I tell myself. 😉

    Have a lovely autumn, and I hope you will be returning if and when you’re ready.


  10. I will look for you on Twitter (where I tend to lurk more than actively tweet). I hope to see you posting back here eventually, although I can’t really talk since I’ve been a very inactive blogger as of late.

  11. Anbolyn, hope it’s only a break and you will come back to blogging as this is one of my favourite blogs. I know what you mean about time though, I only post once a month now but I still really enjoy when I do. Anyways, once I’ve worked out how to use Twitter I will follow you!

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