Last week while I was on vacation I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the movies during the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. It felt so decadent sitting in the nearly empty movie theater, the cool air conditioning blowing gently on my face, with only 10 or so other people sitting around me. I was there to see The Birds, the chilling 1963 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I’ve seen it a few times, but the experience of watching it on a big screen in a hushed and dark theater was exhilarating. The wonderful opening scene in the pet shop between Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor, when they flirt over the lovebirds, had me smiling and laughing and brought a touch of romance to the film before the menace began. I was completely riveted to the screen for the duration of the film and walked out of the theater in awe at the magnificent atmosphere that Hitchcock created with his powerful imagery and subtle dialogue.

The Birds was presented by Turner Classic Movies in association with Fathom Events, a company that brings unique events and classic films to mainstream theaters. They show the Metropolitan Opera, rock concerts, sporting events and comedians in addition to beloved movies like The Sound of Music, Lawrence of Arabia and Singing in the Rain. Next month they are presenting Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein and E.T.(none of which I’m able to attend), but on November 15 I will definitely be in my seat to watch To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m really grateful for this opportunity as there are no classic film theaters in my area.

Do you like classic films? Do you have a favorite Hitchcock?

I hope you all have a beautiful fall weekend filled with lots of laughter, relaxation and reading!


  1. Seeing a classic movie in the theater sounds like so much fun. My favoritie Hitchcock movie is Rebecce (though to be fair, I don’t think I’ve actually seen any others!). Another classic I love is Arsenic and Old Lace. It’s set on Halloween night, so I always feel like watching it this time of year.

    • You know, I don’t think I have ever seen the Hitchcock version of Rebecca! I know we have it at the library so I will have to check it out. Arsenic and Old Lace is such a good movie. That’s another one that I will have to check out because I haven’t seen it in years.

  2. My TV stays tuned to Turner Classic Movies! I think my favorite Hitchcock is North by Northwest, though I also love Rope. I haven’t seen The Birds in ages – and never on the big screen.

    • I have started to watch more TCM lately. Wasn’t North by Northwest recently on? I saw just a few minutes, but it reminded me how good it is. My favorite Hitchcock is Vertigo. I have seen it many times and I think it is still amazing.

  3. Anbolyn, I remember seeing this movie when I was young and it was so scary! I would love to see it again, especially on the big screen. Hitchcock was such a master at creating menace and tension in his films. So happy you enjoyed it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • It was still scary watching it as an adult! I think Hitchcock creates the same level of menace in Rear Window. That movie always makes me squirm. I hope you enjoy your weekend also!

  4. I always feel decadent being at the flicks during the day, it seems madly naughty to go out into the light of day at the end of the film. All that daylight ‘wasted’ according to Calvinism!
    I have a Hitchcock DVD collection and I love all the ones mentioned and Vertigo too.
    I’m a bit of a classic film fan, To Kill a Mockingbird, Casablanca. Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn – too many to mention, they don’t make them like they used to.

    • I agree Katrina! The films of the past are much better than the films of today. I get really sick of all the car crashes, explosions and violence in modern films.
      Vertigo is my absolute favorite Hitchcock. It has an amazing plot and wonderful characters.

  5. That sounds wonderful, but living on the coast with seagulls becoming more forward The Birds is scary enough on the small screen. Hard to pick a favourite Hitchcock, but if I had to pick I’d probable say Vertigo. I’m a Powell & Pressberger girl at heart though.

    • I can see why you would be wary of watching The Birds!
      Vertigo is also my favorite. It is just so clever.
      I’ve never seen a Powell and Pressberger film. More movies to add to the list!

  6. I love Hitchcock too. The Birds I think has to be at the top. I’m still a little fearful of large groups of birds:) But I really do love them all. Rope and Rear Window are some of my favorites. I would love to see these old films on the big screen again! Especially The Birds!

  7. I like classic films but have never really had the opportunity to watch them on the big screen. I’ve only seen a few of Hitchcock’s films but my favourite is Rebecca, though that’s partly because I love the book so much!

  8. Tippi Hedren was one of Hitchcock’s ‘ice blondes’ I believe. Have you seen her in Marnie? Love that film.

  9. I love classic films but sadly I don’t know of anywhere near me where I can go see them on the big screen. You are so lucky! I’m a big of The Birds. I also recently watched Hitchcock’s adaptation of Rebecca which I loved, but I still think of what I’ve watched of Hitchcock’s films Rear Window is my favourite.

    • Jessica, I do feel really lucky to be able to watch classic films on the big screen! I am really looking forward to seeing To Kill a Mockingbird next month.
      Rear window is probably my second favorite Hitchcock. I absolutely adore Grace Kelly! I think she does an amazing job in Rear Window.

  10. love Hitchcock as for favourite well Rebecca and spellbound both older ones ,I love classic films ,my favourite are the old holmes with rathbone that I watch all thetime as I have a box set ,all the best stu

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