photo by me.

“It was such a spring day as breathes into a man an ineffable yearning, a painful sweetness, a longing that makes him stand motionless, looking at the leaves or grass, and fling out his arms to embrace he knows not what.” – John Galsworthy


  1. O basil, my sweet love!!

    It most definitely is spring here: my brother isn’t here to chauffeur me around so I had to walk to the train station but it was such a gorgeous day I simply couldn’t complain!

    • Oh, yay, another basil lover! I adore basil and have a couple of recipes I make over and over that use it.
      When the weather is lovely, doing anything outside is enjoyable, isn’t it?

  2. it is we daffodils out and buds on the trees ,all the best stu

  3. What a wonderful quote – I feel like flinging my arms out in with the warmth and beautiful blue skies. Happy spring to you!

  4. We had a touch of summer, but now we’re back to lovely spring weather – which never lasts long in Houston! I saw from your tweets that you’re getting some rain – so are we, and it’s wonderful.

    • Yes, we had one last little cold spell and spot of rain before the mega melting summer starts! You know what that is in Houston, I’m sure!

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