11. December 2011 · 8 comments · Categories: Life

Snapshots of my week taken with the retro camera app on my phone.

Flora / Potluck at work /  Tangerines / Unadorned tree / *Christmas* tree / More 2012 reading


  1. Oh, your cat is identical to my cat Saffy! There are photos of Saffy on my blog also somewhere (under the Boof’s Whisperings tab I think). So cute!

    And loving the book photo – of course! 😉

  2. I have a tortie as well – but with much less dramatic markings.

    What is it that makes other people’s books so fascinating 😉

    • I don’t know what makes others’ books so fascinating, but I love to look at them! Maybe it’s the glimpse into someone’s life through their taste in reading?
      Don’t you love torties? They’ve go so much personality!

  3. I love your tree, I must get some Christmas decorating done. I do not have a cat but I do have blinds just like yours! Lovely photos.

    • I thought getting my tree might put me in the holiday mood and it has!
      I love the photos that the retro app takes – more dramatic then regular especially if you take horrid photos, like me!

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