“Word spreads quickly in such select circles, and so begins a tradition of reveurs attending Le Cirque des Reves decked in black or white or grey with a single shock of red: a scarf or hat, or, if the weather is warm, a red rose tucked into a lapel or behind an ear. It is also quite helpful for spotting other reveurs, a simple signal for those in the know.”

– from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Could this lovely woman painted by Renoir be a secret reveur, a connoisseur of Le Cirque des Reves?


More soon from The Night Circus.




  1. Now that sounds wonderful. I am stalking my library’s catalogue for this book, ready to place my order as sooon as it comes into stock.

  2. Love this connection! And it makes sense because I’m pretty sure the author is also an artist!

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